Orion has worked with local education authorities, head teachers, police, governors and fire brigades to understand and develop integrated systems designed to address the special security issues of the education sector.


Education facilities are often a target for vandalism, theft, and arson. The use of CCTV systems, access control, and intruder detection is widely accepted as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour. Assaults, abusive and threatening behaviours are a rising concern within the education sector. Students, pupils and staff are increasingly at risk of assault or accident.


Our measured solutions include access control systems with radio frequency identification and payment facilities that allow for assigned ownership, recreational opportunities and asset protection.


Physical protection of building and open spaces is also important in maintaining a crime free environment. We install and maintain comprehensive CCTV systems that have remote access functionality and are often part of a local authority monitored initiative, widely advertised for the best deterrent value.


We have a proven track record for providing security solutions in universities, schools and colleges that include approved lease and finance payment options.