The retail sector is unique in the many security challenges it offers. Open shop floors, crowds, dynamic operations and aesthetics all contribute to a very different security requirement from other industries. Orion have been a leading provider of retail security and have formed partnerships with many major high street brands including John Lewis, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and WH High Street.


Retailers have the constant challenge of “shrinkage”. Whether the risk is customer or staff theft, fraud and false accounting, collusion or burglary and robbery, we have a risk management program and world class support to eliminate and reduce loss.


We know how retailers work. As partners we take a responsibility for shrinkage and strive to deliver an environment free from crime and the fear of crime for customers and staff.



John Lewis Stores secured by Honeywell and Orion deploying WIN-Pak with Galaxy Dimension.



John Lewis Stores protected by IndigoVision IP-CCTV.



John Lewis Flagship Store, London